noonday prayer initiative


Noonday Pause for Prayer Initiative

In wake of the news of a second school shooting in our area…all within 3 days of each other, the Zacharias Prayer Ministry is asking all of our WDBC family to join together in faith, and pause daily at noon to say a prayer of covering over our children, our communities, our city, and our nation as we are facing unprecedented times. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented prayer! 
We will start our Noonday Pause for Prayer Initiative on Thursday September 2, 2021. Set an alarm, add it to your planner,  add it to your lunch break plans, etc. We are joining in faith believing that God will hear our petition, and will deliver! 
At this time,  we will not be calling into the prayer line for corporate prayer at noon. Collectively we will be pausing within our own schedules to pray where we are. The  corporate prayer call with Zacharias Prayer Ministry will still be held at 7pm weekly on Monday evenings. 

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